Sunday Services at UUCCN

Worship is led by our Minister, The Reverend Hope Johnson who is in her tenth year of prophetic ministry with UUCCN. She is excited to be a part of a professional team of ministry that includes Michael Sansonia, Music Director and Director of the UUCCN Chorus and the ad-hoc Music Ensemble, and David Silver, Religious Educator. Reverend Hope is a long-term, active Unitarian Universalist who hails from Jamaica, the island in the Caribbean, by way of the world. She grew up all over the world attending various houses of worship. Though not a "joiner" by nature, when she first discovered Unitarian Universalism some 22 years ago, she knew that she had found her religious home, even though she had not been looking for one! Rev. Hope is comfortable with herself and her world. Presnetly in her tenth year, she loves her congregation and smiles when she counts the years she's served us here at UUCCN. She is optimistic and has a "what's not to love?" attitude about her success in ministry as a clergy woman of color to a primarily white congregation. She reminds us that "love is all we need." She is proud that UUCCN has made a commitment to multiculturalism, social justice and is a strong denominational partner. She is also proud about the way UUCCN comes together as a caring congregation both with and without the congregational wall. She excited that UUCCN will receive the designation of "Welcoming Congregation" by the end of this congregational year. Reverend Hope loves Unitarian Universalism and believes that, at its very best, it understands the pluralism that abounds as it makes space for the "Other." She embodies a multi-faith perspective and clearly loves people! The expression ‘THERE”S ALWAYS HOPE’ conveys much of Hope’s optimistic vision-filled spirit. She is a dreamer who uses action to give life to her dreams… Her commitment to Unitarian Universalism is enhanced by her strong cross-cultural and multi-faith life experience. Reverend Hope serves the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as an elected member of the Appointments Committee as well as a consultant and trainer in matters including those related to leadership development as well as those that relate to anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multiculturalism.

First time here?

What to expect

Regular Sunday services are held in the sanctuary at 11:00 a.m. during the congregational year (September through June); and in the air conditioned Malette Room in the summer. The sermon topic and/or service theme is listed in the Newsletter and in the Calendar. Children generally attend the first 15 minutes of Sunday services with their families. The Director of Religious Education, along with lay volunteers leads "Words for All Ages" during this part of the service. At this time, the children hear a story, relate a personal experience, or perhaps sing a song together. This conversation is one way in which we show our children that they are a special and important part of our congregational family. The children then head off to their Sunday School classes with their teachers. A Multigenerational service is held once a month. Everyone stays throughout this service. Childcare is offered each week for our youngest members. Although there's no formal dress code at our services, our Minister usually wears a robe or similar attire. Our Music Director and Religious Educator dress professionally. Within the congregation, you are as likely to find sweaters and jeans as you are a shirt and tie or "Sunday Best" attire. We want you to be comfortable. Services usually include hymns, chalice lighting , lighting of the peace candle, the sharing of joys and sorrows, and a sermon or homily by our Minister or a guest speaker. Yet, each service is different. Come a few times to sense the common threads that run through each service and bind them all together. Following the service, you are invited to "Sweet Tooh", a social hour where guest are invited to join us for fair trade coffee and tea and snacks or a light lunch. There is opportunity to talk with the Minister and to meet our members. A booklet describing the our Religious Education Program for children is available. Stop by the Visitor's Table to get literature, ask questions, and sign-up for either our e-mail list or to receive our newsletter. Come meet us! We certainly look forward to meeting you.