Welcome to religious education at UUCCN. Here, we offer your child the chance to grow and learn in a classroom community. While parents are attending the adult Sunday service, the children will be in a warm, friendly environment among their peers, where they are encouraged to explore important religious questions. Our teachers are trained volunteers from our congregation. The Religious Education Committee works very hard to choose curricula appropriate for each age group. We select material from various sources that will help our young people understand Unitarian Universalism. Our focus for the coming year is Unitarian Universalist Principles, Values, and History. The congregational theme this year is Lean On Me! Working together, we help each other learn and create. We will continue to address the seven principles of our faith especially during Worship Circle (Children’s Worship) as we discover how to bring with us the “tools” of our faith into the world. This theme will be a common thread woven into a variety of lessons, events and social action activities. We are here to nurture and support your child’s religious experience however we need your help in order for your child to reap the maximum benefits from the educational and social opportunities we provide. It is essential for your child attend Sunday school in a regular and timely manner. We also encourage you to take note of what your child is learning and “bring” it home. We invite you to participate in family events offered by the RE committee and UUCCN (please note Special Events calendar in the RE brochure). We are a community that is here to support your child and we could use your help in a variety of ways. Please feel free to share your gifts with us and the children. 

We welcome you to a new beginning!

making sundays happen

MAKING SUNDAY HAPPEN In the Cooperative Spirit: The cooperative efforts of many people help make Sunday School a stimulating and happy time for all concerned. All parents with children in the school are expected to volunteer some time with the children on a few Sundays throughout the year. We also invite adults who do not currently have children in the Sunday School to provide some of the care and leadership vital to the success of the program. We need the special talents, interests and energies of all to implement our special programs. In Addition, Please Keep In Mind: Sunday School begins promptly at 11:00 am, as does the regular Sunday service. Help your child be on time. Regular attendance is necessary for your child to obtain the full benefit of the program. All children must be registered. Registration is free for all pledging members and friends of the congregation. Non-pledging families are asked to pay a $50 materials fee for each child in Sunday School, with a maximum of $100 per family. All adults and children are welcome to participate in the coffee hour that follows each service. The Sweet Tooth committee provides a light lunch which you may purchase. Your beverage is free. Please be responsible for your children’s activities during this time. Read the ADVANCE, our monthly newsletter, for information about upcoming events, classroom activities, parent/teacher meetings and special requests you can also check the website for information. We want feedback from you! Please contact any member of the RE Committee with your suggestions, insights, concerns or needs. Our Religious Educator, David Silver, is available on Sunday mornings before services and during coffee hour to discuss any concerns, special requests, suggestions, or insights you may have.