Since arriving at UUCCN as minister in 2021, Rev. Petra Thombs has also served as Community Minister for the Ramapough Munsee Lenape Nation. She has served as Executive Director of the Ramapough Lenape Community Center and worked with community members to renovate the facility. It is now a safe and welcoming place for tribal members to gather for cultural, educational and tribal activities, as she has transitioned to Educational Consultant.

Our congregation has hosted tribal leader, Chief Dwaine Perry and supported the tribe through the Share the Plate program. A Land Acknowledgment is read during our service honoring the Merrick People and Rev. Petra shares readings from Native American Elders for our meditation. We work to incorporate meaningful ways to acknowledge the culture and traditions of Indigenous Peoples. 

To that end, we are approaching the 20th year of our collaboration with the Navajo Nation. They raise the pumpkins we sell in our annual October Pumpkin Patch. This collaboration benefits their community by supporting educational programs and activities for their community. 

Rev. Petra is currently working on an oral history project with Ramapough tribal elders  to record their experiences and preserve their heritage.